Why I am vying?

I am vying for the parliamentary seat of STAREHE constituency. I am vying for this seat because I want to take the fight from the streets into the chambers where decisions are made. I want to echo the people’s voice in spaces where they have been ignored for too long. I have relentlessly challenged the establishment for their bad decisions and failed governance, now I want to continue with the fight from the inside of parliament.


I am a Patriot, an Activist, and a Change maker. I grew up in Starehe and lived there for 13 years.
I have worked in the Nairobi Central business district (CBD), both formally and informally my entire life. While my work has given me both a national and global outlook into issues, my ‘roots’ give me a strong footing in this constituency.

My two-pronged approach to this fight will be; i) cut down the so-called ‘privileges’ of parliamentarians, and ii) to ensure delivery of basic constitutionally defined rights to the constituents.

  • Approach 1: Stop the Theft!
  • Approach 2: Service Delivery.