starehe mpya

Boniface Mwangi has been at the forefront using his tool of trade, the camera, to highlight the problems that many Kenyans go through each day due to lack of servant leadership and accountability.

Boniface has a vision of a New Starehe where human and social rights such as basic amenities are available to all.

There are 5 main areas Boniface as the Starehe Member of Parliament (MP) would work to revamp in the next 5 years for StareheMpya.


Creating jobs where young people can apply the skills they have gathered over years is the biggest investment our society can make in them and in the future of our country.

As MP, Boniface will:

  • Launch a Work Readiness Training Program (WRTP) that will be focused on giving specific technical and soft skills to young people with an aim of preparing youth for employment, foster entrepreneurship and self-employment. The modules will cover technical know-how including “how to sell your services to the market” and soft skills like communication, problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Establish business start-up incubators in collaboration with private companies where the youth can collaborate with each other and established entrepreneurs to learn how to start and grow their businesses.
  • Improve the sports and recreation facilities used by the youth in every ward.


Every Kenyan has a right to access education.

As MP, Boniface will:

  • Improve the quality of free primary education in public schools throughout Starehe. This will be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education where basic school supplies and upgrading of infrastructure will bring new life to the children who attend the schools.
  • Award bursaries and scholarships for primary, secondary, college and university students with a criterion that will be clear and accessible to all.
  • Revamp the libraries in every ward and stock them with updated books. The library will also have free trainings on specific topics for specific age groups so students can apply their knowledge and increase engagement within the community.


Every Kenyan has a right to live in a clean environment.

As MP, Boniface will:

  • Ensure that major clean-up are done in collaboration with the County government and the community. This will be enforced to be done every month as the Nairobi County Government had decided in 2015.
  • Support businesses focused on waste disposal, waste recycling and waste management in Starehe.
  • Revamp the water and sewerage system in Starehe in collaboration Nairobi County Government. This will ensure that clean water is accessible to all and burst sewers be a thing of the past.

Land, Housing and Infrastructure

Every Kenyan has a right to own property and move freely within the borders of Kenya.

As MP, Boniface will:

  • Fight for better compensation plans and relocation for those who have been issued with government notices to evict their houses because of new developments planned for Pangani, Ngara and Ziwani.
  • Put a stop to churches, organizations and individuals who are encroaching public land like school playgrounds.
  • Ensure that the existing infrastructure including roads and railway are renewed to ensure access and free movement within Starehe and connect well with neighbouring constituencies.

Justice and Equality

Every Kenyan has a right to human dignity, inclusion in decision-making, non-discrimination and protection from marginalization.

As MP, Boniface will:

  • Fight for the marginalized and targeted communities, especially the youth that are facing extra judicial killings from the government. He will ensure they get access to justice through proper investigation and fair hearing as prescribed in Article 49 and 50 of the Constitution of Kenya.
  • Ensure that management of the Community Development Funds (CDF) is transparent and accountable. He will engage the community in the planning, budgeting and use of the funds where the Starehe Community needs it.
  • Ensure, to the best of his ability, that the Bill of Rights is upheld by National and County governments.